I started “Love Life Message” as a way to celebrate the beauty and blessing of health, happiness, and peaceful living. While it might seem that these simple affirmations should be easy to manifest and maintain –often they are not.

As someone whose young adult life was deeply altered by profound health issues I am the perfect example of a person who lost a great deal when severe illness impacted me and affected my family.

      Joy Rose

Joy Rose

But, through this experience I gained a great deal of insight too. I learned the importance of quiet reflection, the generosity of beautiful friends, and the power of integrity, spiritual mindfulness, and the essence of devotion.

I was diagnosed with SLE in 1994. This diagnosis resulted in renal failure. I was blessed with a kidney transplant in 2000 from my dear friend Pamela Van Hoesen. After the 911 attacks on 2001 in New York City and most recently the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, I feel particularly savvy about the nebulous and frightening reality of death that hovers perilously close to our daily lives. Oppression, brutality, and terrorism of any kind; whether close to home, or from an unexpected outside source, can be devastating.

Everyone, everywhere, must be free–we must be free to love. Free to live. Even when others might disagree with our beliefs, traditions, customs or practices. Every person must have the human right to be able to speak and practice their tradition safely, protected from brutality, harm, and prejudice. That protection comes most profoundly from faith. I know that I am powerless to change certain physical realities. But, I am strong in spirit when I cultivate courage by building up my strength through music, meditation, and prayer. This in turn fortifies my connection to the Great Love which is everywhere and all encompassing.

I believe in angels. I met many of them during the course of my illness both here on earth, and on the other side. I pray that everyone who reads this will know that this message comes straight from my heart. Don’t be afraid.  Be strong. Love passionately. Sing loud. Life is short. Live it up.

Write me directly at LoveLifeMessage@gmail.com
Channeled by the Reverend Electric Pussy 

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